Init(Metaverse): Privacy Bytes

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8 July
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5:00 pm
6:30 pm

About the Session

Privacy & Identity is one of the major issues today. 

With Jack Dorsey dropping “Web5” and a number of companies jumping into the Metaverse bandwagon almost every day, “privacy” is the one thing that everyone’s concerned about.

Let's learn about some of the privacy issues in the Metaverse and if ‘Web5’ is really going to be a game changer (as it claims to be!) in the privacy first world!

Agenda for the meetup:

5:00-5:10: Welcome Session

5:10-5:30: Talk on ‘Will Web5 be a game changer in the privacy-first world?’ by Irfan Khan, Co-Founder & CEO, Hypersign

5:30-6:10: Panel discussion on ‘Come the Metaverse, can privacy exist?’

Speakers for the panel:

1. Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada, Co-Founder & CEO of Metapolis 

2. Mayur Relekar, Founder of Arcana 

3. Preetam Rao, Co-Founder & CEO of QuillHash

4. Prakhar Sharma, Co-Founder of Metasky

And hosted by Swati Gautam, Business Strategy Lead, Create Protocol

6:10-6:30: Networking Session 

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