Init(metaverse): Here comes the immersion!

Init(metaverse): Here comes the immersion!

Terra and Draper Dragon Fund partner up with Blockchained India

What’s up my crypto warriors! How is it going?

Is it just me or are you equally excited with all that’s happening in the Metaverse and DeFi space right now? We sure are in interesting times!🔥🔥

A whopping amount of developments hinted at a breakout point for the Indian crypto ecosystem after RBI’s crypto ban got uplifted. What’s even more noteworthy is the change of our government’s stance considerably over these years- from an outright ban in 2018 to now 30% taxation on crypto.

It’s the best time for a startup to gain a foothold in India’s crypto marketplace. From tech tycoons like Nandan Nilekani to Bollywood icons like Amitabh Bachchan, all appreciate crypto. Some, like you and me, can easily see how cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology have set off a new wave of societal innovation.

2021 was a year of a blowout for crypto adoption in India. Don’t believe me? Let’s go through some numbers -

India is one of the top countries in terms of crypto adoption growth.

…. and the list continues.

The industry has flourished a lot. And I am sure these numbers and developments will be skyrocketing in 2022. 🚀🚀

(You’ll be kickstarting your crypto journey the moment you see this, if you haven’t started already. Just saying :P)

Well, I guess I need to stop myself from preaching, sorry! As I was saying…

“Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold as an NFT for an oddly specific $2,915,835.47” — TheVerge

“Facebook changed its corporate name to “Meta” to focus on developments in the Metaverse” — Coindesk

“Deutsche Bank initiates coverage of Metaverse play Matterport” — Coindesk

“Microsoft Teams enters the metaverse race with 3D avatars and immersive meetings” -TheVerge

“Um… what’s going on here? Is it just me or are you witnessing the dream turn into reality as well.” Was this your reaction too when you read about these developments? 🤔Anyway, let me contain myself.

While most of blockchain’s success over the past decade has been linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the tech is now poised to move into mainstream adoption with NFTs, DeFi, and of course, metaverse!

Metaverse as a paradigm shift became a lot more visible recently. While it was happening for years, the covid years added fuel to its growth. While I see it as an evolution in augmented reality(AR), a major contributor to this evolution is our increasing time spent digitally. All thanks to the pandemic.

Facebook’s rebranding just announced to the world that it has finally happened. Automated e-commerce tech like chatbots, immersive experiences through Oculus and AR applications like Pokemon Go supported by digital work tools like Zoom together led up to this point of key transformation.

When companies investing in space and the media declare it a moment, it’s only reasonable to take a beat and see whether the reality can live up to the hype.

Now that we have had a sanity check, let’s choose to take the next step. The world is on its journey towards the metaverse and it’s time we start recognizing the key movers and shakers enabling it. Not only that, it seems the most opportune moment to dig in and look closely for hidden opportunities. A lot has happened but it is minuscule in terms of the blank space the transition just exposed to us all.

The digital experience is nowhere close to satisfaction. So, let’s get together to ‘Initialise Metaverse’…
(I have been waiting to tell y’all about this!)

Initialize Metaverse represents the initiation of a new quest for this working group where we become conscious about the top visions and creations underpinning this new world. Just as we formed the perspective for blockchain in 2017, this initiative shall act as a lens to formulate fundamentals about the virtual world.

The meetups under this umbrella happening over the next 6 months, shall act as the place to meet the architects of this virtual universe. The talks shall represent thoughts or observations of researchers & analysts of this world, empowering them as the philosophers in presenting the guiding principles for the new world. Through our community channels, we will produce content that will strive to take every seeker through the blueprint of realizing value in the metaverse.

As India Blockchain Week enabled an understanding into the blockchain world and India Dapp Fest enabled a movement towards adoption through dapps, Initialise Metaverse will act as a beacon for those looking to get to the absolute mecca of value creation.

The Initialise Metaverse initiative shall locate the amazing startups or products of the global metaverse map. It shall cover essentials on the valuable themes of core crypto innovations in NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, and DAOs, specifically the ones that have relevance in the metaverse perspective.

The initiative will showcase content in multiple formats beyond just meetups, workshops, articles, demo sessions, airdrops, fireside Chats, interviews, panel discussions, and networking sessions. Together, all content shall guide us through the various facets of Metaverse starting 26th March.

We at Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios along with Terra and Draper Dragon Fund invite you all to the mega gathering of metaverse enthusiasts coming together to have an ultimate knowledge exchange in space and learn how things are going to merge with the metaverse.

Some of the brands you will be seeing here are SuperWorld, Highstreet, Metapolis, Safle and Supermeta Finance. Representatives from Spartan group, Aragon, Ledger are just some of the exciting folks that will share insights around the metaverse as a part of this initiative.

Init Metaverse will see the very best crypto startups from India.

If you’re building or looking to collect value across the exciting direction of Metaverse, this is definitely for you. As an entrepreneur, you tend to meet and possibly partner up with highly crypto-conscious and motivated people across initiatives. As an investor, you tend to see the brightest entrepreneurs. As a learner, you tend to witness thesis from experts working on the key building blocks of the metaverse. In short, If you are interested in crypto and metaverse, this is the place to be!

Reach out to us if you would like to share your work with the rest of the world, we would definitely like to help you showcase it as we have continued to do for many in the crypto world!

You can check out all the event details on our website:

So tighten your seat belt passenger, we’re going on a rollercoaster ride!!

About the Speaker

Akshay Aggarwal is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blockchained India & Blocumen Studios. He is a fellow from Tim Draper’s Draper University and is currently leading as a Venture Partner for Draper Dragon Fund. Akshay has empowered numerous fundraises for Indian crypto projects. He has strived to set the direction for the industry by convening multiple conferences in the space and representing the industry on national and international forums.

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