Recap of Init(Metaverse): Privacy Bytes

Recap of Init(Metaverse): Privacy Bytes

Metaverse is not a concept anymore, it’s here!

And with that comes the question “what about our privacy?”

And while most of us are still understanding Web3, Jack Dorsey announced “Web5,” which by the way aims to improve privacy concerns in Web3.

And for our community members to gain a clearer understanding of ‘privacy’ in the current space and in the Metaverse, we organized our meetup Init(Metaverse): Privacy Bytes under Initialize Metaverse, on Friday, 8 July.

The one-hour and thirty minutes long virtual conference presented some of the OGs from the ecosystem. 

The event started with a keynote address on ‘Will Web5 be a game-changer in the privacy-first world?’ by Irfan Khan, Co-Founder and CEO of Hypersign.

Irfan talked about the paradigm shift from Web1 to Web5. He explained some of the snags in the current Web3 ecosystem and the need for Web5.

He mentioned, “while Web2 has some advantages and there is this advanced technology Web3, the combination of these two [into Web5] will be for a greater good”.

You can check out the session here:

This was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Come the Metaverse, can privacy exist?for which the speakers were:

1. Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada from Metapolis

2. Irfan Khan from Hypersign

3. Prakhar Sharma from Metasky

4. Preetam Rao from Hypersign

5. Mayur Relekar from Arcana Network. 

The panel was hosted by Swati Gautam from Create Protocol.

The discussion started with the understanding of how privacy is even a bigger problem when it comes to the Metaverse. 

They talked about different stakeholders involved in the Metaverse, from hardware designers to game engine developers and the privacy issues involved at each level.

However, they all agreed that “the government would probably be the last one entering the metaverse” :P

They also discussed how to onboard masses into the Metaverse while maintaining the privacy aspect, and what necessary steps should be taken.

The panel showcased a collective sentiment that the Metaverse is gaining momentum in terms of mainstream adoption. Currently, privacy is very less for the users, but requisite steps should be taken forthwith.

The session ended with an interesting Q/A session where our panelists answered participants’ queries. 

If you’ve missed the session or want to rewatch it, check out the recording here: 

for now! See you all at our next event.

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